Brand Position Confirmed By Neuro.

What Do You Get?
The true position of you brand in your customers’ brains. You will discover:

      ● The automatic reaction of the brain to your brand: positive vs negative and strong vs weak.
      ● The impact of your logo, tagline and latest campaign on your brand positioning.
      ● What people associate your brand with.
      ● Comparison of your brand with major competitors’ brands.
      ● Practical suggestions for improvements.

How Do We Do It?
First, we show your brand in various forms (word, logo, tagline, in campaigns, with various associations etc.) to your customers and/or other groups. Then, we measure how their brains react. We do the same by also inserting brands of your main competitors to see the relative brand strength. Our unique methodology gives you exact measurements and the confidence to proceed to the right actions to acquire the position you want.

Design Confirmed By Neuro.

What do You Get?
The true impact of your creative materials on your customers’ brains, including:

      ● Attractiveness and attention of different creative elements: images, headlines, text, call to action, video, banner etc.
      ● Emotions that creative elements invoke: planned vs actual.
      ● Any possible confusion and information overload.
      ● Comparison with your previous creative stuff and with competition’s materials.
      ● Practical suggestions for improvements.

How Do We Do It?
We show your creative solutions to customers and we measure how their brains react to them. We test both, static and dynamic elements. We can also expose them to your older and competitors’ materials for comparison. You will receive detailed results of which elements cause the best reactions and which the weakest. Based on our results you will be able to adapt, improve and fine-tune your creative output to better achieve your communications goals.

Prices Confirmed By Neuro.

What Do You Get?
Optimum prices for your products and services that make your customers’ brains happy. You will discover:

      ● The level of acceptance for different price ranges for your products and services.
      ● Competitive pricing by comparing your prices to those of your competition.
      ● The influence of various elements on price acceptance: brand name and logo, campaign, offline vs. online, etc.
      ● Effectiveness of special offers, discounts, bundles etc.
      ● Practical suggestions for improvements.

How Do We Do It?
We show different price levels to your customers and other groups, and we measure which levels are creating the most positive brain response. We do the same by also inserting prices of your main competitors. We also test your prices appearing within different contexts, such as on an advertisement, in your retail space, online etc. Our unique methodology gives you very precise answers of which price level and in which context works the best.

Retail Confirmed By Neuro.

What Do You Get?
A thorough scan of a retail setting and of any other physical environment such as shop, branch, office, wholesale space or exhibition booth. You will discover:

      ● The visual attractiveness of different elements: prices, products and categories, windows, shelves, POS, check-out points, signage,directions, etc.
      ● The customers’ emotional comfort and excitement with different points.
      ● The elements with the most and the least neural engagement.
      ● Practical suggestions for improvements.

How Do We Do It?
We take customers in a retail environment and we ask them to pursue different tasks, while at the same time measuring their brain activity and physical reactions. We know what they are looking at in any given moment and what their brain says about it. Are they interested? Do they like it? Do they understand it? Based on our insights you will be able to create the right presence in retail to get the best results.

Sensory Confirmed by Neuro.

What Do You Get?
A detailed analysis of how different tastes, aromas and textures stimulate your customers’ brains. You will discover:

      ● Unfiltered brain reactions to tastes, aromas and textures.
      ● The sensory stimuli that are more likable and desired.
      ● The ingredients and combinations that captivate the brain and which do not.
      ● Comparison with the responses that taste, aroma and texture of competitive products create.
      ● Practical suggestions for improvements.

How We Do It?
Customers try/taste your products while we record, in real-time, their brain’s reaction to the sensory stimuli. By utilising our TrueSense methodology you will be able able to develop and pin-point the best recipe or combination of ingredients and textures that win the customers’ brain.

Packaging Confirmed By Neuro.

What Do You Get?
A complete neuro-analysis of your packaging, existing or planned, in terms of likability, effectiveness and understanding. You will discover:

● Information blind spots and bright spots
● Overall emotional acceptance and visual interest caused by your product’s packaging
● Packaging’s shape and function impact on your customers, existing or potential
● Analysis of different packaging options and the comparison with the competition
● Practical suggestions for improvements.

Why Do We Do It?
We ask customers to interact with your packaging, one or more options, and we measure their brains as they do it. You will be able to identify the best solution and to avoid mistakes that can lead to indifference or rejection.

E-Commerce Confirmed by Neuro

What Do You Get?
A clear mapping of the strong and weak points of your online e-commerce platform from the customers’ brain point of you. You will discover:

      ● The steps that cause confusion and rejection unconsciously
      ● Positive and negative attentional points
      ● Engagement levels for click, swipe and proceed on every step
      ● Easiness of task progression and completion
      ● Practical suggestions for improvements.

How Do We Do It?
Customers visit your e-commerce platform and perform various tasks while we are measuring, in real-time, emotional and brain acceptance levels through their whole journey. The insights from applying TrueCommerce can be immediately used to attract more attention where it matters the most and create a more positive customer online journey in your platform.

Concepting Confirmed By Neuro.

What Do You Get?
A deep understanding of which aspects of your new concept work and why. A new concept can be a new product, service, brand, retail space, mobile app, campaign or even a business model. You will discover:

      ● The elements that add clarity and consistency, and the elements that do not.
      ● Emotions created by the different elements of your new concept.
      ● Engagement and involvement with each aspect of the new concept.
      ● Comparison with competing solutions.
      ● Analysis of different scenarios and options.
      ● Practical suggestions for improvement.

How Do We Do It?
We expose your customers are to the new concept, even in a very raw format, and they are invited to interact with it. We measure, in real time, their brain responses and how these evolve while they explore the concept in its details. Then, we use multiple methods to analyse their involuntary responses from different perspectives. By applying our results, you will be more confident that you are proceeding with the right idea and that you will not be wasting time and money in the wrong direction.

Social Media Confirmed by Neuro.

What Do You Get?
Your complete social media activity, including profiles, posts and conversations, scanned and tested from your customers’ brains perspective. You will discover:

      ● Overall impact of your profiles
      ● Engagement and virality potential of posts.
      ● Emotional impact of different types of posts.
      ● Comparison with competitors’ social media presence.
      ● Practical suggestions for improvement.

How Do We Do It?
We ask people to browse and interact with your social media profiles and we measure their brains as they do it. We expose them to different scenarios, posts and discussions to see what they notice, why they engage and how do they behave. By using our TrueSocial tool you will know what to do to connect faster and deeper with your customers in ways that are meaningful to them.