by Dr Nikolaos Dimitriadis, Dr Alexandros Psychogios

Neuroscience for Leaders: A Brain Adaptive Leadership Approach

To behave more productively in complex business situations, we need to understand and alter the inner workings of our brain. With insight from applied neuroscience, behavioural economics and psychology, the brain can be retrained and become our most valuable asset. Neuroscience for Leaders takes a practical approach and offers an easy-to-implement framework for making the behavioural changes to become a more effective leader.

by Anka Gorgiev, Dr Nikolaos Dimitriadis

Upgrading Marketing Research: Neuromarketing Tools for Understanding Consumers

In T. Tsiakis (Ed.), Trends and Innovations in Marketing Information Systems: Developing a Conceptual Framework for Detecting the Emergence of New Scientific Paradigms. In R. Dautov, P. Gkasis, A. Karamanos, T. Lagkas, A. Prodromidou, & A. Ypsilanti (Eds.).

FORTHCOMING - 3 Nov 2018
by Dr Nikolaos Dimitriadis, Dr Neda Jovanovic Dimitriadis, Dr Jillian Ney

Advanced Marketing Management: Principles, Skills and Tools Paperback

Seasoned marketers worldwide are facing ever-changing media, complicated customers and over-promising new technologies. Additionally, they seem to be fighting this professional battle against people who were never formally trained in marketing; teenagers have become social media masters, technology-based startups disrupt traditional channels, and entrepreneurs can build unicorn brands seemingly overnight. Advanced Marketing Management will prepare students for this new world of marketing.